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Protein Challenge is the tag of The Nigeria Protein Awareness Campaign, a Protein Pull media campaign supported by the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and other partners to create awareness about the prevalence, status and impact of protein deficiency in Nigeria.

Protein is widely regarded as an essential building block of life. This is not surprising, as it is found in literally every cell of the body. It is a macro-nutrient, that is one of the three nutrients found in food that the body needs in large amounts. The other two are carbohydrates and fat.

Protein is an important ingredient used to build, maintain and repair body tissues and muscles.

Some common sources include chicken, beef, lamb and fish, and legumes like beans, soy and lentils.

When people do not get adequate amounts of protein from their diet, it leads to protein deficiency which is today a major cause of malnutrition, especially among children.

In Nigeria, protein deficiency poses not only a major health problem, but also an economic and a social burden. It is the most important risk factor for illness and death, with millions of pregnant women and young children particularly affected.

The goal is to encourage and indeed help Nigerians from all walks of life to embrace regular consumption of proteins regardless of the source – ALL protein is good protein!

The campaign aligns with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – Zero Hunger – which seeks to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

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Nigeria Protein Deficiency Survey Report 2020

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Protein Challenge Campaign Objectives:

  • To create widespread awareness of Nigeria’s protein deficiency situation, focused on the (health) importance of regular intake of protein in the diet.
  • To contribute significantly to efforts to improve the quality, quantity and consistency of the different types of proteins consumed across Nigeria.
  • To position soy beans as the most cost-effective protein source that is available, not just for humans, but also as feed for livestock, poultry and aquaculture.
  • To foster and promote a culture of knowledge, experience and data sharing among key actors across the agriculture value chain.

Protein Challenge Blueprint

www.proteinchallengeng.com is set up as knowledge platform to promote protein in general and soybeans in particular. The website is positioned as the ‘go to’ place for everyone interested in understanding the importance of protein to health and wellbeing. It warehouses the latest protein, nutrition, and agriculture content, both news and blogposts, boasts of a wide range of protein and soybeans-based recipes and a growing archives of photo and videos.

This will be augmented by the publication and prompt distribution of a bi-monthly newsletter – ProteinChallenge – to a constantly growing database of stakeholders and partners.

www.proteinchallengeng.com will be the platform to boost, not just awareness of the importance protein in every diet, but one to equally foster collaboration among stakeholders, that would bring about lasting change in Nigeria’s protein deficiency narrative.